Testimonials and Feedback

What do our customers and employers have to say about Career Path Services? Take a moment to read some of their letters and emails they've sent to us:

June 4, 2018

Workforce180., LLC is a national recognized, workforce development training, consulting, marketing and podcasting organization.  Since 2013, we have provided assistance to more than 500 workforce and non-profit organizations.  Workforce180 is very proud to say Career Path Services is one of our most valued customers.  To begin with, over the years, they have collaborated with us to provide staff member’s participation in our professional development programs such as:

  • Customer Service
  • Case Management Certification
  • Career Readiness

Additionally, Workforce180 produces Career Path’s very successful, progressive podcast series; The Dignity of Work, hosted by CEO George Iranon.  Their free, downloadable App (iTunes and Google Play Store) provides access to people nationwide.  Topics range from Investing In Employees and Customers Without Money, Breaking The Spirit of Poverty Through the Dignity of Work, plus many more!

Based on our experiences with organizations across the country, we can say, without hesitation, George Iranon’s leadership approach should be admired and emulated.  His sincerity, honesty and desire for life-changing outcomes, is truly inspiring.   He represents, for his employees and our entire industry, the shining example of how an organization should be willing to evolve, by using innovative ideas, to successfully adapt and allow changes to occur for the betterment of everyone involved----clients, employers, partners and staff. 

George and his team at Career Path Services, provide the type of commitment need to ensure the long-term sustainability of our industry and the outcome-driven services we all provide.  We highly endorse all their efforts on the state of Washington and wherever else they conduct business.

Mike Fazio, Founder/CEO
Jerry Mattiace, Founder/COO

September 11, 2017

I joined the program after my first visit to DSHS a few days after I arrived in the US with my two children. I was feeling lost and totally unfamiliar with the American way of life, the job market and what was expected of me and from me. I can hardly remember much about my first orientation class; we then had a really good one-on-one session with my case worker Shantel, where I was able to share my hopes, fears, and expectations.

It felt really good being able to do that, and I left that meeting a rejuvenated and encouraged person. My first Life Enrichment class was enriching to say the least. I got resources from the other attendees and got to learn alot. I have since always looked forward to my life enrichment classes as the sharing is encouraging and uplifting and the resources you get from the others in the class and the facilitators are immeasurable. I also like how the classes are facilitated with the attendees doing more of the talking and not the other way round.

I had a discussion with my case worker on my work-site, agreed, got home and had a change of heart and reached out to her again to change my site to Career Path. She was very patient with me and I appreciated this. My past month at Career Path has been enriching. I was required to work 20 hours a week, but I was having such a great time I wished I could do more.

The work was pretty much straight forward. My supervisor Linda gave me direction as needed and the team was simply amazing and responded to any questions that I had. The job itself might not have been challenging but the work environment was superb and I believe I now have a better understanding of the American work culture which was my main aim as I joined the work program.

I am truly indebted to the whole team at Career Path Services as they were willing to guide and help me as needed. My case worker was extremely patient and supportive, always replying to my questions and emails promptly and never too busy to listen and advice or guide me as needed. Sometimes in life, all we need is a little shove in the right direction and people that believe in you to remind you that you can do it. Career Path Services in Lakewood did that for me, and I can only say thank you very much!

October 27, 2016

From a younger customer to one of our practitioners:

It was very enjoyable to communicate with you about the youth program within your organization. This program will help me get the chance to further my education in an area of which I have always had high interest.Thanks to you pointing out the flyer to me, I am able to follow my dream.

In addition, I want to thank you for answering all of my questions to the best of your ability. Thank you for being an open ear to listen to my concerns.I have a great amount of respect for you, and now that I have joined the youth program, I won't be coming by anymore. I will forever remember you and all the things you have done for me. 

I am confident that I will get to fulfill my dreams and educational goals. Without you hearing me out on my goals or handing me that flyer, I may never have had the motivation to to go for it. Once again, thank you so much.

September 27, 2016

Career Path Services recently received this email communication from a former participant who just landed full time employment: 

I went from being so scared to leave my house because of my seizures to doctors telling me to just apply for disability and not work.  I tried that for a little while and I just couldn’t sit there and collect monies and get help from DSHS and do nothing. I’m so blessed I was introduced to this service [Commerce Workfirst Programs at Career Path Services] last year.  Career Path has made a huge difference in my life now and back in 1995 when I got by GED [through them] and they helped me find work (being I was a new mommy and was really not sure where to turn or what to do). 

I tell you, I worked really hard for this position.  I put in 110%.  So many people thought I was silly for going out of my way for just being a volunteer.  To me it was job and I wanted to fulfill my obligation that I signed up for.  When I applied [for a permanent open position at the host site] I was a little worried, knowing other applicants all have a degree in social work and AIR certification.  I told [my supervisor] no matter the decision I would have no hard feelings and would stay for the duration of my program.  When I received the offer letter and phone call, I was floored!  I felt confident yet a little unsure.  But I got the position and I absolutely love where I’m at today. 

This job truly brings me a joy that I didn’t know was possible through work.  I am blessed and I thank you for all your help.  If it wasn’t for Career Path I would not be here today.  Your work changes lives and you should be so happy and proud of what you do.  Again, thank you

April 11, 2016

From a client to a practitioner:


I really need to thank you for all of your support! Career Path has changed my life. With your help I was able to get amazing work experience and grow personally! I have been able to work with amazing people, all of whom have been nothing but extremely supportive. I have never had so much support in all my life. I have been able to overcome boundaries that I never thought possible and feel as if all the “I can’t” has left me. I am seeing that all my fears that held me back were NOT bigger than me. Thanks to Career Path and the YWCA I have become so much more secure in myself and feel like I have a future. I feel like my new job is the perfect place for me and I am looking forward to continuing to grow. I love it-love it!!!!

Thank you Patti - U rock!! I will keep you posted and hope we don’t lose touch!

April 16, 2015

From a client to a practitioner:

Hello Candace,

I wonder if you remember me. I just wanted to give you an update on how I have been doing. I'm working full time for Sodexo 8-430 pm. I spend time with my son in the afternoons when I get off. We moved into a condo in Renton, which is 10 mins away by bus and my son walks to school. Life is so much better out here. The lease is in my name so no drama trying to get things repaired. I only get $30 a month in EBT but I put it to good use and I have been better about managing my time and money. The program you had me on I didn't work very long but I am glad I did it because it was a jump start into joining the workforce again. I am proud of myself and where I am in life and I am working hard to maintain this life style. I pay my bills on time and sometimes ahead of time. So thank you for dealing with me. I know I was difficult and had all those contact issues. I just wanted to say I appreciate you and what you do.

God Bless you.

February 11, 2015

Some of the reasons why we do what we do:

November 18, 2014

Robin-Spokane Next Gen Zone, got a great thank you from a client and his mom.....here was a favorite quote from the mom:

"As a mother you hate to see your child struggle and it is so touching when a stranger steps in, sees their potential and speaks into their life.....You believed in him and saw the best in him even when he didn't believe in himself."

and from the client:

....."even tho she acts like a hard a**, she is really just a softie."

Thanks Robin...that is heartwork

September 9, 2013

Dear Friends,

On behalf of Diane and Earl Gray, and all those who work for Okanogan County Animal Foster Care, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the volunteers from Career Path Services who gave so generously of  their time at the shelter on June 5th ,2013.

Not often does one have the privilege and pleasure to interact with kind and generous individuals. This June, I had the opportunity to do just that. Career Path Services in Omak chose Okanogan Animal Foster Care for a volunteer effort on the part of several of their employees.  

From the time these good people set foot on the shelter it was non-stop activity. Some started cleaning the cages. Old molding was removed from office areas. The bathroom was detailed from top to bottom as was the tub room.  Shelving was moved out and cleaned under and behind, removing years of built up grime.

The team ordered lunch to be delivered and I  was invited to join them.  It was a wonderful lunch! After the lunch break, work resumed. This time the grounds were mowed and spruced up. As people ran out of things to do, attention was focused on an unsightly pile of yard debris next to the dumpster.  It was promptly loaded in the back of a pickup and taken to the landfill down the road. They even picked up the tab on the dump fee.

As if all this were not enough, a generous donation of $500 was given to the shelter.  I had no words to adequately thank them for such generosity. These folks are professionals and it showed in their efforts.  I have not enjoyed working with folks like this in a long time.  On behalf of all of us at Okanogan County Animal Foster Care, God bless you all and thank you once again.

August 26, 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Aubrey. At the age of 21, I found out I was going to be a mother for the first time. Initially I was terrified.  I was very intimidated by this situation, having been brought up in a dysfunctional family with no family support for raising my child or continuing my education.

During my pregnancy, I discovered that my child’s father would not contribute to the support I needed to raise my daughter.  After she was born, I was fortunate to begin participation in the TANF program through DSHS. Through DSHS, I learned of Career Path Services and the programs they offered that could help me find employment, even with the barriers plaguing my life.  I would also be able to work towards my GED alongside my temporary employment. Career Path Services was the road I wanted to take, knowing that I was going to better my life not only for myself but for my daughter Macie. 

The Metropolitan Development Council hired me as an intern thanks to my helpful and determined Employment Specialist, Sandra Allen.  Sandra helped me get an interview with the MDC, and I was hired rather quickly.  Stepping into an office environment with very little experience, I was overawed by the opportunity.   Sandra and all the lovely people at the MDC were extremely encouraging, however, giving me the family support I needed to feel as though I could do anything I wanted. What a terrific feeling!

In the last six months I have worked with the MDC, Sandra Allen, Candace McGrue, and all the teachers at Clover Park Technical College.  I have obtained my GED, and I plan to continue my education. The central service/sterile processing technician program at the college will help me get my foot in the door for the healthcare industry. After receiving my certificate for sterilization, I will continue on to TCC in hopes of becoming an x-ray tech and more. Thank you to all the people who pushed me to be who I am becoming and never giving up!


Aubrey D.

May 14, 2013

Hi Joyann,

Hope you have not forgotten me? You are dealing with lots of people and it is likely you could say "who?" I'm just kidding.

As to me, I will never forget you and a couple other people here in US who helped me in the time I thought was tough for me and my family.

Now, I am a permanent employee at [stock photo agency] after working as a contractor for a while with them. This is effective 04/16/13 and once again I wanted to thank you for the positive influence, your real help to me and a lot others to get them on their feet.

Keep up the good work!

May 8, 2013

Hello Kayci,

Thank you for your message this morning! Christine and I were able to connect and meet at my office this afternoon along with the new hire [name removed]. Please accept my apology for not reading Christine's message correctly which was meant for today and not yesterday.

I sincerely wish to thank you and Christine Sabala for doing the great work that you guys do. I truly think that this is a win-win for both, the employer and the prospective employee, as this helps smaller offices with limited resources like us to focus on training new hires with cost containment and the new hires are helped to find the help that they so desperately need!

Thank you!

Shelley M.
Kennewick, WA

March 7, 2013

From our Rainier CSO:


I really just wanted to express to you how much are meeting meant to me. You really made me feel empowered and like I could do what I needed to do to support my family. I haven't really had a lot of support from anyone in my life besides my spouse especially when it comes to going back to school to enhance my future. So thank you so much.

Name Withheld

February 21, 2013

"As new comer to the US, life was difficult to me. When I started to be involved in the programs by the Career Path Service in Renton, I felt at ease. I really appreciate the brotherly and professional approach of Mr. Sergey Dunayev, without his support and guidance it would have been hard to me getting a job. Career Path Services' programs such as "Community Job" , "Job Connections", and other services are helping people in getting sustainable jobs from which to make a living. I will definitely miss the discussions in the Career Club hosted by Sergey. I will never forget Sergey’s interventions with employers in making sure that the client is hired.     Such things as equipping the client in having good resume, preparation for interview, after interview follow up are very important milestones. Sergey does them right.

Thank you,

Name Withheld

February 20, 2013

From: Kidsville Child Care Center

Attention:  Sandy

You have requested a recap on the hiring of Amy Gonzales. She is viewed as a success story for your agency.

I hired Amy through your agency seven years ago.  Amy had difficulty retaining instruction and we used rote as the training tool on a daily basis. Amy's personality accepted the challenge and each day she would try her best to comply. Amy has always arrived well dressed and her approach to our clients has been beneficial to our business. Her attitude is upbeat and personable and she is well liked. In the seven years the good days and bad days have caused a lot of growth not only as a person but as a mother.

Amy has learned her job and feels comfortable with the strenuous load and constant pressure. Not everyone can maintain composure on a daily basis and submit themselves to menial labor. Amy has accomplished this and can still smile at her boss.

Thank you from both of us for the opportunity and we appreciate our years of working together.

Warm regards,

Barbara Daniels, Director
Amy Gonzales, Staff Member

January 15, 2013

Hi Stephanie,

My name is V (name removed for confidentiality) and I was in your program a couple years ago, you really helped me! I just wanted to say hi and let you know how my life is now. Im working in a dental office doing front office work, I love it! I have been in the dental field now for about 4 years now. You really helped me with my work ethic and made me a better person. Thank you so much for everything and I hope things are going good for you as well.



November 8, 2012

Wendy moved to the Spokane area 1 year ago. She left all she knew in Utah for a new start for her family. She spent the last year looking for work, but wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do. She was referred over for the Job Connections Program where she met with Brenda and began to discuss her hopes and dreams. She felt as though she had “lost everything; good job, car and stability” and didn’t think that she would be able to obtain employment that would sustain her and her two children.

In discussing her past work history, she stated that she used to work for a convenience store in Utah. Brenda mentioned that same convenience store chain had just opened a store in Spokane…maybe she could get a job there! Wendy took some time to think about this and stated that after talking with her family she want to try. She applied online for a basic entry level position. Brenda and Wendy created an updated resume, cover letter and a Career Jump Intro letter to give to the employer. They contacted her and interviewed her, stating that they really felt she was overqualified and they wanted to see if they could do a direct hire as a department manager!

Today she is working full-time and her starting wage will be $45,000 per year with full benefits and she has made it clear that as Store Director, she would like to “pay it forward” and keep our program in mind when conducting hiring of her own so share possibilities with other individuals in the same situation she was in.

November 6, 2012

“I just wanted to say Thank You so very much for everything you have helped me with. I couldn’t have landed this job without your help. I'm loving my job and learning so much. It seems like everything is finally coming back into order with my life again. Within the next couple weeks I should have my own car again, and I’m hoping by New Year's I will be back in my own place. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Again. Good Karma will always come to you for helping out so many people.”

Name Withheld

November 6, 2012

“I know its late but I wanted to thank you! You have changed my life. I love my job. I feel like I’ve finally found myself. I have really changed, so thank you so much. I really do appreciate everything you do.”

Name Withheld

April 7, 2012

"Thank you Career Path Services, for everything you did for me back in 2002- I will be graduating in June with a BA in Human Services from WWU, I am a case manager for Community Jobs at Kitsap Community Resources, and I refer my clients to GED and job training programs like the ones I graduated from in 2002 at your Spokane location. Thank you to my counselor Brad Johnson, and to Ron Cater for his generous scholarship I received. You all bless people everyday, whether or not they come back to say thank you- I am one coming back to say thanks!"