About Us

Career Path Services was established in 1971  through funds provided by the 1962 Manpower Development and Training Act, which President John F. Kennedy signed into law on March 15, 1962. It has enjoyed a rich history throughout the last four decades.  

The links to the side will tell you a little more about who we are and our mission to empower people, enhance the workforce, and enrich the communities we live in. 

What Is A Non-Profit Corporation Anyway?

Being a non-profit organization means no one owns our assets; it doesn't mean we cannot have assets, or that we can't earn more revenue than we spend.  We file an annual 990 information return with the IRS, and are audited by a Certified Public Accounting firm in accordance with federal regulations.

Career Path Services earned a 2021 Platinum Seal of Transparency, which also allows everyone to see our strategy, metrics, and achievements. You can read more about our updated #NonprofitProfile at Guidestar.org (click the image):

Our Mission

Our purpose defines the impact we seek:  

"Breaking the spirit of poverty through the dignity of work"

Our mission statement defines our organization:

"Career Path Services is an equity-centered, workforce development and human services non-profit corporation. We disrupt the drivers of poverty through equitable access to economic opportunity and financial stability." 

Our vision statement states what we do now, will do in the future, and how we do it:

"Empowering All People, Enhancing an Equitable Workforce, Enriching Diverse Communities"

Our Guiding Aspiration is our how:

"Career Path Services will foster thriving, economically prosperous communities through an inner connected set of solutions that empower individuals to access meaningful employment and financial sustainability, while connecting businesses to quality employee-matches that meet present needs and holds the potential for long-term growth together."

Our Values are our compass:


Corporate Culture

The corporate culture of Career Path Services is one of professionalism, trust, timeliness, respect, appreciation, and teamwork.  What we choose to accomplish in the short and long term will be consistent with our corporate mission, vision statement, guiding principles, and programmatic principles.  The leadership team and Board of Directors are committed to providing all agency employees with a progressive, productive, and friendly work environment.

We strive for the highest level of performance excellence in all we do.  This means exceeding all contractual, programmatic, and fiscal goals on an individual, team, and corporate basis.  We endeavor to have the best possible relationships with our fund and referral sources by being responsive to their needs, treating them with respect, and exceeding their performance requirements.  We strive to be each fund source's "preferred provider".

Our Employees

We value our team-based environments while recognizing the creativity and initiative of individuals.  Career Path Services is committed to the training and development of employees, lifelong learning, and leadership development.  Together, we are accountable in the quest for competency at our agency.

Our employee's performance will be measured fairly using professional, objective criteria that demonstrate performance, productivity, and the accomplishment of specific program and fiscal goals.