Why I Do What I Do – August 2014

cherice-and-sarah_0084Why I do what I do? Hmmmmm. So many reasons. Where do I start?

First off, I do this job because it is something that comes naturally to me.  Being the administrative hub of a team is a natural fit for me.  Being a mom is my first love, and a job that I am well suited to.  Being the program specialist for the EWA COM team is kind of like being a mom, and I adore my team like I do my family.

Secondly, I choose to work at Career Path Services because of our mission – empowering people, enhancing workforce and enriching community.  I’ve done administrative jobs at private companies and when the mission is profit, it shows.

Third, I love that even though I don’t have a caseload of clients myself, I feel like I actually have all of them on my caseload.  I get to know them (mostly via paperwork), get to talk with them, and love to celebrate with them when they succeed.  Not many administrative type jobs offer this level of satisfaction.

Lastly, I do what I do because I am an optimist.  I am confident that despite its flaws, the system we work within helps people better themselves and their living situations.  I am hopeful that the things I tell clients in orientation become little seeds and with the right conditions, will blossom into the potential that I know they have inside.  I am certain that the right conversation at the right time can change someone’s perspective.  And I am positive that the support I give my team provides them with the time they need to help our clients succeed.

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