What’s Happening With RISE?

Resources to Initiate Successful Employment (RISE) is an employment and training pilot aimed at moving people who receive SNAP/Basic Food benefits to Self Sufficiency. RISE utilizes three components that can assist clients in the process of self-sufficiency, Comprehensive Case Management (CCM), Work Based Learning (WBL), and Strategies for Success (SFS) classes.

How can RISE help?

Resources to Initiate Successful Employment (RISE) can assist with:

  • Identifying career interests to plan for both short and long term employment and education goals
  • Providing one-on-one assistance with writing an effective cover letter and resume
  • Assisting with effective job search and interviewing techniques
  • Offering a variety of support service needs
  • Group centered skill building and job preparation
  • Providing current and personalized job leads
  • Opportunities for Work Based Learning

To learn more, check out a recent video made by our Spokane team, to learn why RISE works: https://youtu.be/I0NvWfIojSw

RISE Referrals and Orientations

If you’ve thought about making a referral to RISE but aren’t sure how we can assist your client, please ask us or check out the information above to read more about our services. Career Path Services holds weekly orientations with flexible hours to meet the scheduling needs of your client. We currently have the capacity to serve more, so consider referring today!

Contact one of our Outreach Consultants:

Success through RISE

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