What’s Happening With LEAP – October 2015?

Picture1LEAP (Launch into Employment Assistance Program) is a program operated by Career Path Services in Pierce County that provides housing and services to parts of the population that are at-risk for becoming homeless or those already experiencing homelessness. They recently met for an 18-month data review, and these were the takeaways:

LEAP has served 139 families in Pierce County over the last 18 months, with the average monthly income of $585 for incoming families. From those 139 families, 72 have exited the program to date. Housing stability has improved substantially for families who’ve completed the program, showing a decrease of homelessness from 76% to 62%, and an increase in those stably housed from 7% to 28%. Among those who’ve completed the program, the percentage of parents who were employed increased from 31% at program entry to 83% upon exit. The dollar amount of earned income reported increased from 10% (average of $6,645) at entry to 62% (average of $9,831) after program completion. The average income from all sources has more than doubled from $516 to $1,126.

We are so excited about all the hard work our families have put in these last 18 months to gain sustainable, long lasting employment. Thank you LEAP partners & friends, for sharing in our employment success!  If you’d like to know more, check out the brochure on How LEAP Can Help You Find A Job

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