What Our Employees Say About Career Path Services

silhouettes-81830_640We’ve told you what we look for in prospective employees. What are you looking for in an employer? A good salary? Comprehensive benefits package? Excellent leadership?

We begin to measure success by creating a working environment where our employees can thrive. In a recent company-wide survey, here’s what employees had to say about working at Career Path Services:

(1) “Career Path Services allows me the freedom to change my way of doing the job to best meet my goals, which is needed as the economy changes.”

(2) “Communication of expectations. Competitive and better than most compensation package. An atmosphere where staff opinions matter. We work hard and we have fun while doing meaningful work.”

(3) “Employees are passionate about what we do here. The company takes great care of us, with great benefits and an unbelievably high retirement contribution. My supervisors are respectful, passionate, and great leaders. I am so proud to work for Career Path Services.”

(4) “Focus on life/work balance. Employees are considered the best asset and treated accordingly. Employee Advisory Group provides input to senior management, and survey results are consciously used to makes changes to improve employee satifsfaction.”

(5) “Hands down, the best organization I have worked for in my 26 year career. The level of professionalism and attention to employee and client needs are unprecedented in this field.”

(6) “Leadership within this organization are made up of the most honorable people I have ever worked with. They care about their employees, they are honest, they are always approachable, and they work hard for the benefit of the organization and the employees. They live the corporate culture. And their benefit package is unheard of.”

(7) “Our organization is full of intelligent, hard working, caring people. We believe in work-life balance, allowing time off when needed for self, family issues, or volunteer activities. The retirement benefit is amazing and I love the 3 F’s, Food, Fun and Fellowship. This organization values out of the box thinking and encourages employees to share ideas. Senior Management is very accessible. The CEO leads with heart.”

(8) “The employee is regarded as an important investment in order for the organization to be successful now and in the future. We are given great benefits and incentives which have the potential to promote our growth within the company. As an organization devoted to employing others, it sets a great example of what it means to work for a good company. Undeniably this assists us in helping others find wonderful work experiences.”

(9) “The employees in my office all get along and we listen to each others needs. We stick together in tough times and laugh in good times. All members of this organization are treated like family because we are a family.”

(10) “This is the first place I have ever worked where not only am I asked my opinion, but when staff come up with ideas, they are actually implemented. When we get together as a group for planning, we always come back together and see the results of what we put into place. We don’t just talk about “things”, we do them.”

Think you’re a fit for Career Path Services? Take a look at our available positions today!

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