Virus Alert! DHL/Fed-Ex/UPS Virus

DHL is a package delivery service similar to UPS or Fed-Ex.  Recently, emails have been floating around asking users to open an email attachment from DHL in reference to a package that DHL is trying to deliver.

Do not open the email or the attachment, as it is a virus that will infect yours, and possibly other people’s computers.  Note that this attack is not limited to just DHL, but other delivery services including UPS, Fed-Ex, and the Post Office.

As a general rule, never open an unsolicited email , especially with attachments, until you have verified the authenticity of the email.  As it can sometimes be difficult to verify a message as being valid, consult with your closest technical support staff.  Alternatively, is a fairly reliable website for discerning which virus threats are real or not.

Below is a screenshot of the message that has been delivered to a user’s SPAM account, but remains unread (click on the thumbnail to enlarge it):

In the event your system is infected, it appears that it may be possible to do a ‘System Restore’ if you are using Windows 7 Professional or higher.

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