The Vision for Success

Jason PC RISEAfter living with the same pair of eyeglasses for the last 12 years, RISE was able to connect our participant Jason with health insurance for the first time in his life and assisted him with scheduling his first eye exam in over a decade. Jason’s eyesight was preventing him from succeeding in daily activities such as reading, cycling, and working his part-time job as a custodian. His declining eyesight has also prevented him from ever obtaining his driver’s license.

In September 2016, Jason started nursing school through the combined efforts of RISE and TRAC Associate’s Health Workforce for the Future program. He found himself sitting in the front row of his classroom lectures to see the white board, but still found it difficult to see.

In January 2017, RISE was approved to pay for a new pair of lenses for Jason with an updated prescription. Moments after picking up his new eyewear, Jason sent the following message to his RISE case manager:

Oh my gosh I am so happy, I just picked up my new glasses! I am blown away by how much clearer I can see now. I kept shaking the eye doctor’s hands, ha-ha. Sorry to message you on your day off, I just had to tell you thank you so much! Being able to see again means so much to me. –Jason”

RISE will continue to support Jason through the process of obtaining his nursing degree, and will be assisting him next with testing for his driver’s license. By supporting Jason, he is now on track to learning a profession that supports others with life giving care.

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