Success Stories from WorkSource Columbia Basin – January 2017

Practitioners from our offices located at WorkSource Columbia Basin in Kennewick, Washington, shared some of their success stories with us from January. Names in the stories have been changed to protect client privacy.

Adult and Dislocated Worker Program

business-idea-1240830_640Dave had been laid off from Rite Aid where he worked as a merchandiser. His wife had just given birth, and he was the main source of income for the family. Worry about paying bills and putting food on the table led him to enroll in the DW and NDWG programs for assistance with employment barriers. He received guidance on job search, job referrals, and basic computer skills. He received tuition assistance for a CDL and emergency support services for food, hygiene and transportation. After re-training, Premium Food Services hired Dave as a truck driver making $16 per hour. After three months of employment, he’ll be eligible for benefits.

YouthWorks Program

Mike entered the Youthworks program with felonies and drug addiction in his past, looking for an opportunity to stay on track. He learned how to market himself, and completed a WEX (Work Experience) at Apollo, who subsequently hired him as a Sheet Metal Apprentice making $12.20 per hour.

Jane, a single mother of three young children,  came to the YouthWorks program with a felony charge. With the help of her practitioner, she completed a Career Cruising program and updated her resume to target her goal industry: food service. After improving her interviewing skills based on employers who chose not to move forward with a WEX opportunity,  Jane interviewed  at the Collegium Café, who moved forward with a WEX trial in a barista and food service worker position. She completed the WEX with great reviews from here employer and several transferable job skills.

NDWG Program

Alan entered the NDWG program with physical limitations that hindered his job search. He could not stand for long periods of time and needed to find an occupation to accommodate his limitations. He trained in interview preparation, job leads, and referrals to community resources with help from DVR, BFET and the Veteran’s program. He participated in workshops and engaged in all of the elements of his case management. Amazon hired him within the first 6 weeks of employment, and he has been promoted, offered a permanent position, and been given a raise. Because of his hard work, Alan now has a long term, career opportunity with limitless opportunities to develop professionally.

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