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Wendy moved to the Spokane area 1 year ago. She left all she knew in Utah for a new start for her family. She spent the last year looking for work, but wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do. She was referred over for the Job Connections Program where she met with Brenda and began to discuss her hopes and dreams. She felt as though she had “lost everything; good job, car and stability” and didn’t think that she would be able to obtain employment that would sustain her and her two children.

In discussing her past work history, she stated that she used to work for a convenience store in Utah. Brenda mentioned that same convenience store chain had just opened a store in Spokane…maybe she could get a job there! Wendy took some time to think about this and stated that after talking with her family she want to try. She applied online for a basic entry level position. Brenda and Wendy created an updated resume, cover letter and a Career Jump Intro letter to give to the employer. They contacted her and interviewed her, stating that they really felt she was overqualified and they wanted to see if they could do a direct hire as a department manager!

Today she is working full-time and her starting wage will be $45,000 per year with full benefits and she has made it clear that as Store Director, she would like to “pay it forward” and keep our program in mind when conducting hiring of her own so share possibilities with other individuals in the same situation she was in.


Connie came to our program with a very specific employment goal; to work in data entry. She knew she lacked the experience and was hoping to use our program to expand her skill set. Kelli placed her with Inland Northwest Health Services in their data entry department. After only a day on site, her supervisor was already saying how much they loved her and started talking about finding a way to get a position created before her program ended. She had long been wanting more help in their department and Connie solidified that need by showing them how much of an asset she was even after a brief time. A few weeks ago they were able to get the position created and Connie interviewed and was offered the job! It is her dream job. She will be working full time, making $10.50/hour with full benefits including a bus pass. When asked her how her family reacted to the news she said her mom broke down in tears because she was so proud of her.

After she was offered the job, Connie, her site supervisor, the volunteer coordinator, and their business office manager all came in to our office to ring the job bell! She was so proud and they were thrilled for her and for their organization that they were able to hire such an outstanding candidate. They took pictures and plan on writing her story in their monthly news letter.

In their Own Words

A few more clients share about their life changing experiences…

“I just wanted to say Thank You so very much for everything you have helped me with. I couldn’t have landed this job without your help. I’m loving my job and learning so much. It seems like everything is finally coming back into order with my life again. Within the next couple weeks I should have my own car again, and I’m hoping by New Year’s I will be back in my own place. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Again. Good Karma will always come to you for helping out so many people.”

“I know its late but I wanted to thank you! You have changed my life. I love my job. I feel like I’ve finally found myself. I have really changed, so thank you so much. I really do appreciate everything you do.”

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