Spotlight: The Spokane Commerce Team

DSC_2250This month we highlight the Spokane Commerce Team, managed by Sarai Orth and staffed by some amazing individuals. Sarai had some great answers for the questions we asked  her:

(1) Briefly describe the team you manage (or are a part of) in three sentences or less.

The Spokane Commerce Team is a passionate mix of wildly talented employment experts. Our greatest joy comes from seeing a customer’s dedication and hard work pay off in landing the perfect job. We believe that everyone can have that experience and enjoy being a part of helping them get there.

(2) Please tell us in 3 sentences or less about the communities and people you serve.

We work with job seekers who are receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Some of our customers have barriers to employment which may have made it difficult to find or keep work. All of our customers are also parents, so finding a job that can support their family is vital.

(3) Can you share with us two amazing facts about your team that no one else might yet know?

We are proud of our reputation as a team that really ‘gets along’! We like each other and it doesn’t take much time in our office to see that we enjoy friendship as an important part of our working relationships.

Our Team Motto is:  Start Now. Stay Focused. Finish Strong!

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