September Tech Tips – Test Your Knowledge

astronaut on moonIt’s September. It’s still hot out. Take your mind off the heat, and instead of reading the lame trivia printed on menus at your favorite restaurant, challenge yourself with our technologically-based trivia in this month’s tech tips (answers are shown below):

  1. Which company offered the first personal computer for home users at a price of $300 in 1950?
  2. Which state is the only state whose letters can be typed in a single straight row of keyboard letters?
  3. What online annoyance was first introduced in 1994?
  4. How much data could the first hard drive hold when created in 1979?
  5. What popular computer program is banned from public use in China?
  6.  What business was voted in 1999 as one of the top ten worst business ideas?
  7. What game company started out in 1889 manufacturing playing cards?
  8. What was sent for the first time in 1992?
  9. What was the name of the first domain registered (it happened in 1985)?
  10. What was the problem with the first alarm clock?

Answers are shown below!


(1) Berkeley Computers

(2) Alaska

(3) The banner advertisement

(4) 5 Mb

(5) Skype

(6) PayPal

(7) Nintendo

(8) A commerical text message


(10) It could only ring at 4 am

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