September 2013 Spotlight – Spokane WIA

For September 2013, we asked Bob Everett, Spokane WIA Program Manager, about his team and the services they provide to our community.  Here is what Bob had to say:

1) Briefly describe the team you manage (or are a part of) in three sentences or less.

The Spokane WIA team is comprised of Career Path Services and State of Washington employees. Our team members care deeply about each other and those they serve. Our team helps our clients eliminate the issues that stand in the way of finding and retaining self-supporting employment. Our team is awesome.

(2) Please tell us in 3 sentences or less about the communities and people you serve.

Our team serves low income adults, dislocated workers and youth by providing job skills and educational opportunities.  We serve 15,000 employers in Spokane County by creating a skilled workforce. We serve taxpayers by carefully investing their dollars to convert tax users into taxpayers. 

(3) Can you share with us two amazing facts about your team that no one else might yet know?

Our team members are highly competitive, dedicated, compassionate and hard working. But, don’t tell anyone; we don’t want them to feel bad.

Next Month: Celebrating Our Seattle Business Top 100 Achievements!

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