Ring The Bell x 2! – June 2013

When faced with a tough decision between two outstanding employees, who do you choose? Both of them! This month we honor two of our employees with the Ring the Bell award:  Joanna Fightmaster and Shantel Wight.

Joanna Fightmaster

Joanna Fightmaster: Many thanks go to Joanna Fightmaster from the Spokane WIA unit this month.  We notice and appreciate all of your dedication and hard work, and we want you to proudly Ring the Bell!

All of the wonderful things we love about Jo are shown below  in her preferred bullet-type-list format:

  1. Your quick wit and how you always check in with us personally before getting down to business.
  2. Keeping us on track in staff meetings, so we can get back to the work we do for our clients.
  3. Your ability to juggle countless balls and still keep everything straight, never missing a deadline.
  4. Your endless patience and diplomatic ways.
  5. Your willingness to go to bat for any issues we present to you.
  6. Your knowledge and understanding of the programs.
  7. Your open door policy.
  8. Your positive attitude even in the face of everchanging deadlines, crises, and “just one more” change to the budgets.
  9. Always saying thanks to the team.
  10. That you are just you!  You are an amazing person!
  11. You have an amazing gift of professionally developing your team.  You are a fabulous mentor!
  12. Your humility is evident, as you never take credit, but always point back to your team’s efforts.
  13. Though you are incredibly busy, you will drop everything you’re doing to listen to a concern or lend a caring, compassionate ear.
  14. “You taught this employee to love their job more than they already did, which I did not think was possible.  You have turned an over-worked, over-stressed, and under-utilized admin unit into a driven, efficient, and effective support team.  We have been working as a well-oiled machine since the first day you started.  You evoke a sense of loyalty, respect, and admiration from everyone in our unit, especially your WIA Admin Team. ”
  15. Not only can you see the big picture, but you can help the team implement change in an organized fashion so that it is not too overwhelming.
  16. You are a wonderful partner, always keeping everyone in the loop and making sure to get feedback from all parties.

Congratulations Joanna, and thanks for everything you do.

Shantel Wight

Shantel Wight: On to our second winner…Ring the Bell for Shantel Wight, Employment Associate in the Pierce County, Puyallup Office.  Shantel has been ringing the employment bell for the entire program year. To date, she has assisted in connecting 35 clients with employment. She works hard at ensuring each of her clients are receiving the best services possible. She exhibits a passion and professionalism for the work she does with Commerce Parents on a daily basis. She works to empower parents to find employment, and really focuses on inspiring them to be the best parent and role model for their families. She is a true role model for her clients and co-workers.

In addition to her caring demeanor, Shantel has an amazing ability to stay organized. During her time with Career Path Services, she has created multiple tools which have assisted her in juggling numerous demanding tasks at one time, and she is always willing to share these tools and ideas with her co-workers. It just comes with a small price: COFFEE.  Shantel consumes close to 5 – 8 shots of espresso a day!

Thank you Shantel for being a remarkable support system and a role model for our participants in Pierce County, always being willing to assist your team, and for telling a joke when needed!!

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