Ring the Bell – September 2017

Mary Stanton works under the Washington Youth and Family Funds (WYFF) grant which helps homeless youth find employment, secure age-appropriate housing, and get connected to resources throughout the community.  20150924_091935With a mixture of humor, common-sense, and encouragement, she builds relationships with youth who could easily get lost in the system.

In addition to her work in WYFF, Mary volunteered to assist housing 100 homeless youth in 100 days for the “100 Day Challenge”.  By working with Challenge partners and youth providers, she helped generate creative and effective methods which helped house 102 youth! Mary has built an incredible reputation for advocacy throughout the community, and recently received an award from SNAP in appreciation for exemplifying their value of justice.

Mary brings the dignity of work to our youth every day, and it is for these reasons and many more that she is our September 2017 Ring the Bell nominee. Congratulations Mary!

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