Ring The Bell – September 2013

tina-wallenLet’s Ring the Bell for Tina Hermann! Whether she is filling up the white boards in her office with code, pulling reports, generating billing information, or analyzing the many different types of data we ask her to, she is always on her toes.

Tina is the definition of going the extra mile,  like making a customer’s hot cocoa that special way they prefer while they wait, helping one of our CJ’s or WEX’s get placed in full time employment with benefits, or transitioning her skills into what it takes to become a remarkable database development specialist.

Tina is currently working on getting our databases running smoothly while planning and developing a new database standard for the organization’s future.  She continues to provide us with timely and reliable data. Tina touches all aspects of her work with grace, kindness, and a welcoming smile.  Thank you Tina!

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