Ring the Bell – October 2017

nathan-mazzucaWe’re pleased to nominate Nate Mazzuca for the October 2017 Ring the Bell award! Nate lives the Career Path Services’ value of Excellence and its cornerstones daily.  He routinely extends his time not only to his immediate Commerce Workfirst team, but to other surrounding teams in the area by helping to coordinate, communicate, or cover work that needs to be done.

He endures the worst of the daily I5 traffic patterns to be in the office on time and ready to greet his employees with a smile!  He works toward excelling not just in his own work, but as a supportive supervisor so others might excel in their work, often putting his employees before himself.

Last but not least, he enjoys his work, often stating that it is his honor and great privilege to get to lead the King County Commerce Workfirst team. His attitude toward our work is infectious!   We can’t help but be encouraged and energized about the task at hand when Nate is working along-side us!  He exemplifies what I believe we mean when we say “Excellence”.  Thank you for demonstrating it daily, Nate!

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