Ring The Bell – November 2012

Ring the bell for Lisa Spencer, a 20 year career-employee as of October 7th. Over these 20 years, Lisa brought us from the dark ages of typewriters to data storage in the cloud! She is responsible for our first email systems (we had an internal email program that only worked within our office, and one that worked outside the office – it’s the way it was done then!), installing our first network, providing a computer to every employee rather than just managers, and virtually every other technological advance we’ve experienced. Lisa is responsible for the computer systems owned by our organization, and keeping us on the leading, but not bleeding, technological edge.

Originally hired as an accountant, her technical expertise grew through experience and education. She’s currently working on her second master’s degree in computer tech. Lisa is still our go-to person in the accounting department too – she’s called on when someone needs to correct a complicated error, or otherwise needs to figure out a mind-numbing problem using our accounting system software. The last two years Lisa has assumed responsibility for the WIA contract budgets and reporting for our Benton-Franklin office, and works closely with Kayci and her team to improve administrative work flow and catch errors early.

Over 20 years Lisa has filled in for just about every position on the administrative team and is always ready to go the extra mile to meet deadlines and commitments. Recently Lisa was responsible for developing a work site for a Spokane DD customer – clearly a team player on every team we’ve got! Congratulations Lisa, on 20 years of hard work and more successes than we can count. Thank you for implementing so much of the technology we use and take for granted every day, and for always being ready for the next challenge ahead.

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