Ring the Bell – March 2018

2I4A3532-EditSarah Flambouras has worked as a Program Technician at WorkSource Spokane for over a year. In that time, she has excelled in the technical skills of her job and in supporting her team to reach new goals. Sarah’s spirit of generosity and service shine through in her daily interactions with the team. She is patient and thorough in her explanations, always available to help where needed, and does it all with the highest level of professionalism and respect to her team. Career Path staff and partners alike have shared their appreciation for her positive and caring nature, focus on process improvement and efficiency, and overall helpfulness.

Recently, in her work supporting the WorkSource center as a whole as well as her functional team, Sarah has helped the team reach a huge milestone – paperless files for all of our WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker participants. Through her work with the Youth team (who went paperless last year), along with feedback from practitioners, management, and monitors, Sarah developed and tweaked the process and helped us reach the goal much sooner than we originally thought possible.

The time she has taken to create thoughtful processes and train staff has helped the team push through some of the difficulties that at first seemed to threaten our progress. Sarah is not afraid to ask why, push a little, and keep things on track, even when encountering obstacles, all the while advocating for her team and being careful to consider how others are affected by the changes. Her thoughtfulness and perseverance, combined with her focus on making sure we are “monitor proof” and satisfying all aspects of our contracts, have been incredibly helpful.

We are so lucky to have such a great team player and problem solver on the team – thank you for all of your hard work, Sarah!

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