Ring the Bell – July 2017

Pharin Kong has been an Employment Practitioner in the Commerce Division for nearly 10 years. For those of us in King County, he is known as the King of White Center due to the strong ties he has in the community he serves. Those who have been lucky enough to walk through his service area with him have experienced firsthand his community impact as you can’t go more than a block without a community member calling his name, waving, or making time to shake his hand.

Kong brings that same sense of community and dedication to his Central King County team. He shares his knowledge and experience with his teammates and is a valued partner in the DSHS office that hosts him. Partners know that they can count on him to get clients engaged quickly and shepherd them to employment outcomes.

In the current program year, ending June 30th, Kong helped 60% of his clients exit to employment and led his team in employment outcomes. He did this with humility and an admirable dedication to his clients and his work. In addition, he collaborated with his team on the development and implementation of the new Life Enrichment workshops and ensured that his clients made it to these classes regularly, despite them having the furthest to travel out of the CKC caseload.

In addition to his success as a case manager, Kong is a loyal and trustworthy teammate and work partner and truly embodies the personal integrity and qualities prized in any member of the larger Career Path Services organizational team. We are blessed to have him with our organization, thankful to call him teammate and friend, and proud to Ring the Bell in his honor.

Thank you Kong for your service!

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