Ring the Bell – July 2016

Our Employees

image001The Pierce County Commerce Team would like to nominate the King County Commerce Team (both South and Central) for the June Ring the Bell. Thank you King County Com for all of the help you have provided to us in Pierce. No matter what was going on, when we reached out, you were there to quickly respond.

While going through transitions over the past few months the King County Com Teams have been providing on-going assistance to us in Pierce County. Their presences to assist with orientation, one-on-one appointments, follow-up with host sites and clients, and assist with data entry have allowed us in Pierce County to focus on day-to-day case management. In addition to work that King County assisted us with, they also provided each of us with a lot of laughter during a high stress time period.

Over the last few months Pierce County has had the opportunity to grow closer to our King County co-workers and we are so very appreciative for the extra assistance you all provided to us!

King County Commerce – this June Ring the Bell is dedicated to each of you!

Community Partner

20160620_081528Shantel Wight, one of our practitioners from our Pierce County offices,  has nominated Phil Membrere of the South East Fish Food Bank as this month’s Community Partner Ring the Bell nominee.

Phil has been a long time partner (over four years) with our Commerce division in Pierce County. He has worked with our Lakewood and Puyallup clients, welcoming all individuals into the Fish Food crew. He has shared his energy with his job seekers to improve their employability and quality of life.

Shantel recalled a memory of the Make A Difference Day experience she shared with Phil at the SEFFB:

“A few years back Pierce County did MADD with SE Fish. After a tour we were put under Phil’s watch. He was quick to put us all to work in a variety of positions. Each area he put us in came with a story about the volunteers there, he knew everyone’s name and their story. It was obvious that the volunteers respected him and that they had very strong relationships. He would joke with them and then quickly tell them to get back to work. This was a MADD experience full of good memories and laughter.”

Phil brings a smile to every conversation, while communicating in a straightforward and professional manner. His dedication to his work and community has helped to provide numerous individuals with the skills they need to get back into the workforce. This June, Phil is retiring from his position as a Host Site Supervisor and staff member for the South East Fish Food Bank. Through this Ring the Bell nomination, we hope to honor him for all of his work as a Career Path Services’ partner. Thank you Phil!

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