Ring The Bell – January 2012

Congratulations to Nick Hughes, our January Ring the Bell winner. Nick is on fire right now for his work with employers! He has been actively working to create industry targets that fit well with our population and spreading the news about the Career Jump program within those industries. Nick’s focus for the first 2 quarters has been developing employer relationships in the healthcare industry. By attending a professional association meeting and requesting word of mouth referrals from employers who are currently utilizing the program, Nick has been able to start 5 new Career Jump and has more leads coming in daily from his growing network of employers.

Nick’s passion for job development shows. He is excited to get away from his desk, out of the office and to share what we have to offer with employers who so desperately need this resource right now. As a result, his clients are being paired with great work opportunities in fields that they are passionate about.

Additionally Nick was recently recognized by our fund source for having very well written program plans that clearly outline expectations as well as goals for his participants. In watching Nick at work with his clients you will find that he is realistic, yet compassionate; firm, yet understanding and that he brings the best out in his participants by providing them with hope that they can achieve what they set out to do. I am encouraged by the positive comments that Nick makes about his clients. His faith in them motivates them to reach new heights. Thank you Nick!

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