Ring the Bell – December 2017

kelli-ellerThis month, the Eastern Washington Commerce Team would like to nominate their fearless leader, Kelli Eller, as December’s Ring the Bell Winner!

Kelli’s team would like to thank her for her compassion, support and leadership.  Marissa and Patti both were in awe when she helped in a difficult situation with a participant not long ag. Kelli demonstrated great empathy without losing accountability during the interaction.

Marissa stated “Kelli always has our backs whether it’s an upset participant or a case manager; it makes doing our job so much easier! She’s available to brainstorm, or just listen.  She does a great job of leading and supporting our team….we are so lucky to have her…I wanted to let [others] know what a wonderful job she is doing!”

Other members of Kelli’s team shared their own kind words:

Paul writes “[Kelli has an] uncanny ability to lead from within the team!  Meaning, I never feel as though I work ‘for’ her, I feel like I work ‘with’ her.”  David added “… is just so amazing to know that when there are things that need to be discussed, they are discussed on time, it makes coming to work so much easier knowing there are never any hidden conversations that will surprisingly come up”.

One of Kelli’s newest team members, Paula state “I have never worked for someone before that truly has an open door policy.  I am still trying to adjust.  No matter how busy she is, she always makes the time to answer questions.  I have never felt like I was bothering her or taking up too much of her time.  She is helpful, knowledgeable and available to us.  It is so refreshing!”

Congratulations to Kelli on her Ring the Bell nomination – you deserve the recognition!

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