Ring The Bell – December 2015

Employee Nominee

EY1A3728The Spokane Commerce Team would like to recognize Marissa Turner as December’s “Ring the Bell” award winner!

Marissa’s transition to our team has been such a blessing to this team, as we have weathered many transitions in the past few months.

Marissa brought in an existing program knowledge that made training on the immediate job related tasks a breeze; she has asked great questions along the way to help understand our processes and determine where she can be most helpful. In her first 6 weeks on the job, she assumed facilitating one orientation per week at each of our DSHS locations and is training and supervising our Community Jobs Assistant.

She sees all of her projects through to completion and responds quickly to needs and requests. Her “get it done” personality fits right in with this team and is just what we need to operate at the pace of business. It’s always a pleasure to see her smiling face here in the morning, even if it feels like just a few hours before, we were saying goodnight.

We’re so glad to have you, Marissa!

Partner Nominee

_Y1A6779This month we honor the Communities of Omak and Colville, our staff, families, and friends who prepare and serve a Thanksgiving meal every November for clients, families and community members.

Staff from Omak and Wenatchee  planned and collected food donations in preparation for the event. On November 17th staff from Tacoma, Tri-Cities and Spokane joined partners and friends to serve 150 people. A special shout out and thanks goes to the Omak LDS church members and the Confederated Tribes of Colville TANF program for taking time to help with set-up, serving and cleaning up.

In Colville, our team, including staff from Republic, planned, collected food donations and prepared for the event. Thank you to Lorie Sandaine, Stevens/Ferry Developmental Disabilities Program Manager, and Rob Thomas with the Development Disabilities Administration and his family for peeling spuds and helping set up the night before. They also spent November 19th serving meals to more than 180 people and cleaned up the facilities afterwards along with staff from Spokane and King County.

Thank you for “making a difference” and enriching the communities we live and work in!  As a salute to those who made these dinners a success, we’ve compiled two short videos showcasing their efforts below:

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