Ring The Bell – December 2012

The bells are chiming this month for Sarah Whaley, Career Path Services’ Ring The Bell recipient for December 2012!

As our retention specialist, Sarah has completed 100% of her retention contacts the last three reviews, with only 11 participants remaining unemployed out of 362 on her case load; which is an impressive 97% employment rate. In her short time with Career Path Services, Sarah has already made huge contributions to the lives of our customers.

This quote comes from a ESD partner staff, “sitting so close to Sarah a person can’t help but hear her kindness, her concern, her professionalism. On and on I could go that she provides to your customers. It’s a real pleasure to listen to someone with such support and understanding that she is giving to the clients she is serving.”

And to no surprise her exceptional customer service also extends to employers in our area, as Sarah has helped us jump start a new way of conducting employer contacts focusing on industry sectors, meet and greets with hiring authorities and increasing our fill ratios on identified openings.

Additionally, with the award of our NEG contract, she has assumed additional duties such as eligibility review for Adult and Youth applicants and with a recent staffing issue, has assumed case management duties for fourteen participants. With very minimal training, she has written training accounts and vocational education vouchers and has already captured employed exits. Sarah is a huge value add to the Benton Franklin team, and a “utility” personnel who is willing to contribute in ways that will benefit not only herself, but her teammates and the customers we serve every day.

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