Ring the Bell – August 2016

Jerry-Higbee-3This month’s Ring the Bell nominees feature two members of the Career Path Services’ technology team. Lisa Spencer and Jerry Higbee spent most of July away from their Spokane homes setting up our new Pierce County WIOA operation. In addition to spending three weeks in Tacoma ensuring new staff members had access to technology needed to do their jobs, they also took part in cleaning and organizing the offices, purchasing supplies, and traveling to Joint Base Lewis-McChord to ensure staff members out there were up and running within a couple days of their arrival.

While having the two away from the corporate office for such a long period of time was tough for those used to their in-person customer service, staff in Pierce County expressed their appreciation for having them as an on-site resource while they settled in.

IMG_1472Lisa works as the Information Technology Manager/Accountant, while Jerry is the Information Technology Specialist. Even with the work they’ve put in so far, there is still more to do. With the promise of new phone systems and fiber optic internet connectivity coming soon, they’ll be spending a little more time on the west side until the job is done.

Thank you Lisa and Jerry for your continued hard work – while we may not see everything you do behind the scenes to ensure effortless communication and connectivity each day, we appreciate and value you for all that you do.

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