Ring the Bell – April 2016

BF-GRS-My-CPS-IsNearing 10 years of full-time service with Career Path Services, Patty Guerrero’s worth to WorkSource Columbia Basin as part of the Guest Resource Specialist team is immeasurable. Whether it is production output (100% on all individual goals for PY14 and PY13) or her contributions to make WSCB more accessible to people with physical barriers, Patty consistently puts co-workers, guests, and customer service first.

A customer came in to the center on Tuesday, February 16th, to get help with his resume. While assisting with his resume, Patty noticed his background matched an available position. Patty recommended and assisted him in applying to the position with MCE that same day. He was scheduled for an interview by the end of the week. Within a week , he was offered a position as a loader paying $15.50 a hour, which he gladly accepted.

Patty took just nine days and four touch points with this customer to put him back into the workforce. While not always apparent, the GRS team has the ability to change lives. Patty shows us a perfect example of how this is done. If you see Patty give her a big “Woot! Woot!” for her part.


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