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IMG_6456Career Path Services’ Administrative Team held their spring training session at Camp Reed, located in Northeast Washington. Founders established the camp in 1915 through a fifteen acre land grant from Frank and Emma Reed. Today, the 555-acre camp hosts thousands of visitors every year from kids attending summer camps to corporate groups looking for alternatives to traditional training.

The team started the day in the lodge, greeted by a roaring wood fire and our trainers, Ann and Don. with a number of icebreaker activities designed to facilitate communication and creative thinking. As the rain fell outside, it appeared as though the day’s events might take place exclusively indoors. However, as with most of Washington’s spring weather, the clouds gave up on the downpour and turned into a silent grey blanket covering the sky.

After lunch, the team trekked up to the obstacle challenge course, where they flexed their muscles and cooperative team skills. They spent the last couple of hours in an event designed to foster trust, communication, and more than  few bursts of adrenaline: the high ropes course.  Facilitators provided each team member with the opportunity to attempt two high-ropes obstacles while being supported by his or her fellow admin team members. For many, the event meant conquering fears, expanding comfort zones, and putting trust in those they work with every day.

Overall, everyone agreed that the dynamic style of the day’s training provided just what they were looking for: a chance to spend a day away from the office strengthening our team in both the mental and physical senses. If you’d like to find out more about Camp Reed, please visit their web site at http://www.ymcaspokane.org/campreed/.

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