Omak Thanksgiving – That’s A Wrap

Career Path Services has made somewhat of a tradition in that our branch office in Omak, Washington, has hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner for the last 20 years.  As usual, the food was plentiful and good, and the companionship shared among attendees was in the true spirit of the holiday season.  But where would we be without a mention of the food enjoyed by all?  Along with the Thanksgiving favorites including turkey, stuffing, and a host of fantastic desserts, they also served an excellent breakfast of biscuits and gravy, fresh cinnamon rolls, and scrambled eggs.

While we often talk about food at the events we host (it is one of the 3 “Fs” after all), the fellowship we enjoy with our community is another important aspect.  These dinners allow us to thank the employers, fund sources, and clients who allow us to serve them.  More importantly, for individuals without family close by or living on a tight budget, we can offer them a needed meal and a chance to socialize with others in the community.  These dinners bring together a diverse group of people from the community including clients, families, employers, fund sources, local law enforcement, city and county officials, and many other community members.

Thanks to all of the staff, family, friends, and organizations who have helped make this dinner possible for the last 20 years.  We couldn’t do it without you!

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