November 2013 Spotlight – Pierce County

imageThis month, Diane Giannobile, the Pierce County Branch Manager for Career Path Service, shared with us a few details about her team:

(1) Briefly describe the team you manage.

This team has the ability to laugh together, work hard together, play harder together, stay focused, go off track, get back on track and make an overall impact on everyone around them. We all have a true passion for the work that we do and each other!

(2) Please tell us in 3 sentences or less about the communities and people you serve.

The Pierce County team serves an extremely large area which ranges from intercity Lakewood to the foothills of Mount Rainer. Many people are  in similar situations.  However, each person has his or her own unique struggles that make them different from the previous appointment or client served.

(3) Can you share with us an amazing fact about your team that no one else might yet know?

Shantel is slowly converting everyone into Indian food lovers!!!!! First stop: Pierce County, next stop: Geo and Cami!

We’ll wrap up the year with our Spokane Commerce Team next month.

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