Much more than financial literacy

shield-492989_640From our South King County Team:

About half way through a previous Financial Literacy class, Stacy L. shared a very personal story.  We were focused on understanding the cycle of poverty and strategies to break it. She told us of the generational domestic violence in her family and how it has kept her feeling “stuck” in poverty.

She spoke about the power and independence she has found by working in the Community Jobs  program and with the Domestic Violence Advocate contracted through DSHS.   As tears streamed down her face, the room stayed silent as we hung on her every word.

As Stacy finished her story, Ann S. broke the silence.  She grabbed the tissue box for herself, looked at Stacy and said “I have been stuck too because I haven’t wanted to deal with this.  I think I need to talk to that advocate.”

When the class ended, I realized I stood on ground that was quite sacred and I’d experienced a very powerful moment in my life well beyond financial literacy.  Since then, Ann has followed up with the Domestic Violence Advocate and is on her way to a feeling of  power and independence, just like Stacy.

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