June 2015 – Tech Tips

iPhone-OverheatingYour technology needs to survive through the summer. It can be brutal in the heat. Even worse, the heat can bring us close to water, and water is no friend of our iPhones and Android devices.  While it can improve the market price for rice (due to everyone trying to dry their wet phone with dried rice), it doesn’t make anyone very happy to have a waterlogged device.  How do we solve these and other problems?  Take it from our tech tip guru:

(1) Wet phone or tablet? Dried rice is NOT the answer.  Go get some Dri-Rite from the hardware store.  This product is excellent for removing moisture from the air.  Just put some in a gallon plastic bag, put a dry napkin on top of it, and place your device on the napkin (the napkin is to separate your device and the Dri-Rite).  Leave overnight, and try your device in the morning.  It still may not work, but the moisture should be gone.

(2) Like baked goods?  Me too, but only things like cookies, pies, and donuts.  Don’t use your car as an impromptu oven to cook your electronic components.  Remove them from your car when they’d be in the direct heat, and if you can’t, cover them up with a light colored cloth.

(3) Hate the glare on your device’s screen that makes it impossible to read in the sunlight? Again, me too!  Search ‘anti glare filter’ in your favorite search engine to find a useful piece of plastic that will allow you to better view your screen even in bright light.

(4) Dust is no one’s friend.  Neither is pollen. Both are prevalent in the dry summer weather.  Keep a can of compressed air handy in your home to occasionally dust out your electronic devices.  They’ll look longer and make your mother believe you really do dust every once in a while.

Enjoy your summer, and keep those devices alive.  Facebook needs you.

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