June 2015 – Ring The Bell

Community Partner – Ring The Bell

IMG_30841This month’s Community Partner Ring The Bell recipient is Brian Fahey. Thanks to Nick Hughes, we’ve been given the opportunity to recognize someone who exemplifies what it means to be an industry leader in the field of construction.

Brian always sees the good in people. He is is skilled in a variety of fields: he is a certified contractor, jet pilot, wildlife biologist and a published author. Brian is able to draw on his experiences to help mentor clients and to help them develop their own skills and self-confidence. Brian recently attended a Meet the Employer meeting at very short notice. He brought 3 staff members with him to provide a thorough overview of the construction industry and employment in general to those who attended the meeting.

Brian has embraced the Career Jump program and is always looking for mentorship opportunities with our clients. One of Nick’s clients who transitioned onto Brian’s payroll in April is now working towards becoming a lead where he will be responsible for training his own team and helping to mentor them.

We’re grateful to have Brian working as a partner with Career Path Services since February 2015.  Thanks Brian.

Employee – Ring The Bell

griffith-michelleMichelle Griffith returned to Career Path Services last July, serving Dislocated Workers in Benton Franklin. Her previous employment in working with WIA programs in Spokane created an exceptional foundation. She hit the ground running upon her arrival, and has yet to look back.

She has been an integral part in brainstorming and implementing this year’s recruitment and placement effort, resulting in her own individual performance. She has already achieved 86% of her goals and is on track to meeting 100% by the end of June.

Michelle strengthens the Benton Franklin WIA division by tweaking processes and procedures, which benefit our holistic success. She has been instrumental in securing and maintaining new and existing partnerships with local employers and vital training providers. She has a fierce desire to continually analyze systems for improvement; trying new and improving old, even when a process isn’t failing, but could be enhanced to generate more outcome. She was vital in creating a local Business Services Roundtable focus group, ensuring we are meeting the needs of local employers collectively.

All of the reasons above and more are why we look to congratulate Michelle as our June 2015 Ring The Bell winner!

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