July 2015 – Ring The Bell

Career Path Services is honored to present this month’s Community Partner Ring the Bell award to Toby Pacheco, WorkFirst Supervisor in the Lakewood CSO.

Career Path appreciates all of the hard work and dedication Toby demonstrates on a daily basis in assisting partners to collaborate and work together to best serve our customers. Over the years he has supported employment opportunity for interns through providing coaching, mentoring, networking and passing along job leads. trina-and-marissa-july-2015-rtbHe has led his team to increase their monthly participation rate since July 2014, and in January of this year, Toby’s team led Region 3 in DSHS Participation Rates.

Toby is always first in line to adapt to the ever changing world of Commerce and assist his team as they grow with us. He reviews caseloads identify work ready clients and encourage referrals. Whenever Toby needs a break from his office, he can be found hanging out with the Career Path staff, sharing stories/photos, and enjoying a treat from Diane’s candy dish.

We would like to thank Toby for using his humor, innovative ideas and passion to help customers succeed. It is evident through his actions that he is very passionate about his work and  his role in encouraging growth and success in everyone he comes in contact with. We are grateful to have Toby and his WorkFirst team working as a partner with Career Path Services!

Employee Award

Trina Mirabal and Marissa Turner are dedicated to the customers of Career Path Services. It shows in their welcoming smiles as a customer walks in the door at the corporate headquarters, preparing coffee in the special way our guests enjoy,  or learning sign language to better communicate with our customers.

Trina has been with us for 13 years and Marissa for 1 ½ years. Together they keep the corporate office running smoothly.  They greet customers, process data, make sure we have everything we need to get our jobs done, keep us caffeinated, and ensure the culture of Food, Fun and Fellowship.  It can be making sure someone is recognized on an important day, organizing an office pot luck, or reminding us all of the ‘fun’ element in our work.

Their positions also entail technical daily  duties that require attention to detail, critical time management skills, and an in-depth knowledge of each other’s job. They complete these tasks with constant interruptions that many of us never experience.

They standout in creative thinking with ideas on improving customer service for our walk-in customers. One example is their creation of a business card with important information for WorkSource and DVR, which includes phone numbers, websites, and orientation times. Depending on the customer’s needs, they are able to give out the appropriate card. The customer walks away with essential information even during our busiest times.  Most impressive about this creative use of business cards is that they came at no additional cost to the organization.

Let’s ring the bell for our Dynamic Admin Tech Duo at the Spokane corporate office: congratulations Trina and Marissa!

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