July 2013 Spotlight – Senior Management

This month our spotlight focuses on our Senior Management team, comprised of CEO George Iranon, COO Cami Hanson, and CFO Marie Bjork.  While they work as a team, each of them have responsibilities for specific aspects of our operation:

Left to Right: Marie, George, and Cami

  • George is responsible for the Board, senior management and leadership team.  He directs and manages the leadership team and all employees in fulfilling the mission and vision of Career Path Services.  He is responsible for building business development relationships with fund sources, partners, and community organizations.
  • Marie is responsible for the current and future fiscal and administrative integrity of the organization, and ensures the timely, accurate, fiscal, and programmatic data are available to the Board, management team, and staff.
  • Cami is responsible for managing all business operations; she works with the management team to establish long range and annual operating plans and program goals.

When each member of the Senior Management team was asked about their favorite quote, we received some great responses:

  • George:  “Exceeded!”
  • Marie:  “If you lead through fear you will have little to respect.  If you lead through respect you will have little to fear.”  – Anonymous.  Also, “The heart is a very resilient little muscle!”  – Woody Allen
  • Cami: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, and become more, you are a leader” John Quincy Adams

With relaxation being a key to effectiveness in the workplace, we wanted to find out how George, Cami, and Marie enjoy their time off and relieve stress:

  • George : Spending time with his family, remodeling his home, and playing the guitar and ukulele.
  • Marie: Time with family and friends (4-legged friends included), being out and about in nature, and a hot cribbage game with a cool beverage on the deck.
  • Cami:  Getting outside biking, hiking, running, skiing, hanging with her four sons, playing scrabble, or reading a good book.

Thanks to our Senior Management Team for taking time out of their schedules to share these insights into their professional and personal lives.  Next month, we’ll be featuring our teams from Colville and Republic, so be sure to hit Ctrl + D on your keyboard to bookmark our site.

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