Helping Job Seekers Succeed

Our employees at Career Path Services continue to do great work, and it is rewarding when our clients take a moment out of their lives to let us know that we were able to help make a difference in their lives.

Below we share a letter from a client who was able to overcome a number of employment barriers by working closely with one of our employment specialists, Leticia Torres.  Congratulations on a job well done Leticia!

Kayci Loftus
Dislocated Worker Program Manager
815 North Kellogg SuiteD
Kennewick, WA 99336

Dear Ms. Loftus:

I became unemployed in July 2011, after being laid off from a job I had held for over 20 years.
For almost four months, I made calls, sent resumes, and did everything I could to find a job, any
kind of job, to no avail. I went to Work Source, and was attended by Leticia Torres. She
explained the “Dislocated Worker Program”, and helped me apply for that as well as for the
worker re-training program.

Over the next few weeks, Leticia met with me regularly, recommended workshops (such as the
Passport to Employment series), reviewed and helped me upgrade my resume, and did several
interview sessions with me. I kept telling her how inadequate I felt at the thought of going to
an interview after twenty years, and feeling that I just wasn’t going to be able to compete with
the younger, more educated applicants. She continued patiently working with me, always
providing constructive criticism, encouragement, and support.

By the end of December, I had successfully completed six of the seven computer skills courses
that I took. I was able to attend the classes because Leticia made sure I received the gas
vouchers that I was approved for. A job opportunity came up in the housing industry, and I had
to apply because that’s where I have the most experience. Leticia was able to provide a
clothing voucher on very short notice, and I found myself with a brand new business suit to
wear for the interview.

The night before my interview, I went over the questions that Leticia and I had practiced. I was
a nervous wreck, thinking that I would not remember all of that. But, when I entered the office
of my future boss, I felt the greatest confidence with my “60 second commercial.” It went very
well, and I am now employed as a property manager for one of the most prestigious
management companies in the country.

I am thankful to all the fine staff at Work Source. But, I especially have to thank Leticia for
encouraging me with a positive attitude, for always making herself available, and for her
expertise and knowledge of the Work Source programs that made it possible for me to succeed
in preparing for and obtaining a great job.


Named Removed To Protect Privacy

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