Get In A Fight…With The Flu

The winter season is here, and that means staying bundled up and often time indoors.  It also means the return of an invisible foe: the flu.  While the flu can make you sick at any time during the year, you are more likely to get it in the winter time when people tend to stay confined inside in rooms with poor air circulation.  The dry winter air can also make you more susceptible to viral invasion through the nasal cavities.  It is not, as you might think, just because it is cold outside.  Our bodies regulate our temperatures pretty well, and just because you can’t feel your toes after skiing all day, that won’t make you any sicker!

If you’d like to know a little more about the flu, check out the following flyers put out by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) on the flu:

Take 3 To Fight the Flu and Key Facts About the Flu

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