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At times in our careers, we meet people who touch our lives forever, people that bring joy and a positive outlook wherever they go. Jen Ranney, the Director of the Next Generation Zone, is one of those people. So, this week, we say thank you and goodbye to Jen as she moves on to new adventures.

Originally from Cheney, Washington, Jen couldn’t wait to move somewhere new. She has lived in Georgia, Virginia, and Africa but always knew Spokane was her home. After moving back to the United States from Ethiopia, Jen finished school with a degree in radio and television and worked in promotions. Unfortunately, the pay wasn’t great, and there wasn’t a lot of room for growth; she knew she wanted more.

Jen saw an ad for an Employment Practitioner at Career Path Services. The posting struck a chord; helping people find meaningful employment was what Jen wanted to do. Jen felt Career Path Services was a place she could make a difference, and after the first interview, we agreed! While her work experience was not traditional to workforce development, she showed a passion Career Path Services could not resist.

Jen started with the organization in 2007 as a Career Coach at WorkSource Spokane. Her experience, work ethic and, people caring skills led to promotional opportunities. First, as a Program Manager, then the Program Operator, and her most recent position as Director of the Next Generation Zone in Spokane. Jen said, “I found I LOVE workforce development, and I was excited to be a leader through the innovations.” During her time at Career Path Services, she is most proud of leading through Integrated Service Delivery in Spokane, the opportunity to be the Director of the Next Generation Zone, and creating a youth marketing internship that is now starting to gain national attention.

Giselle Gudino said, “She is a great leader that has motivated us all to grow through her leadership style. She is always encouraging and uplifts her team as much as possible. Jen, you will be truly missed, but I am excited for you and your next adventure. May you have many successes and continue to spread your joy.”

When Jen isn’t working, she loves to hike, read, and sing. She said, “I have a terrible voice, so I sing privately but with gusto!” She also enjoys running, yoga, and spending time with her family. She says her husband Brett is her hero and her inspiration, “He gets me, makes me laugh, and has always seen more in me than I usually do in myself. He pushes me to be the best version of myself.” Jen has two boys named Dominick, 24, Devinn, 21, and an adorable Chocolate Lab named Coco Beanz. She says she is very close to her parents and recently discovered she has a half-sister named Krista, thanks to Ancestry!

Life is full of changes, and Jen has decided to move on to a new adventure. With her, she will take the self-confidence she has gained and a greater sense of her capabilities. “I am very appreciative of my time here at Career Path and I will take my friendships with me wherever I go,” she said.

CEO Cami Eakins said, “I have been privileged to work with Jen since 2007. What stands out to me most is her heart to serve and, of course, her smile and laugh. There is a depth of character within Jen, and it shows how she cares for and fights for customers and staff, ensuring that they have what they need to succeed and thrive. We wish you the greatest success in this new phase of your career, and one thing is for sure, we will all miss you, Jen!”

Kevin Williams said, “Jen Ranney has truly epitomized the Career Path Services ethos. Her leadership and friendship with all of the staff she has worked with are unparalleled. I am sad to see Jen leave the CPS family, but I am excited to see her future successes.”

It’s been an honor to have you as part of the Career Path Services team, Jen. It is rare to have the privilege to work with someone so talented and yet, so humble. Thank you for all of your years of service to our organization.

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