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Several years ago we were considering a move from a Simplified Retirement Account to a 403b. We needed to select a Broker and create a Benefit Plan. We knew we wanted employees involved in the design, out of that the Employee Advisory Group (EAG) was born.

To get a good cross section of employees and we recruited staff by geography, gender, family composition-single, with kids etc. In addition to the employees, the group is rounded out with CEO-Cami, COO-Andy, CFO-Lloyd and HR Manager Amy.

Since those early days the EAG has met twice a year, bringing forward what was on employees minds regarding benefits, working conditions and questions around why we do the things we do. There has been great learning together as we sought to understand the complexities of retirement accounts, the ever rising costs of medical insurance and evaluated employee benefits.

Having the voice of our employees at the table has been invaluable. As the team has evolved the purpose of the EAG has evolved to encompass the following:

  1. Advise Career Path Services on the design, implementation, and maintenance of an effective employee benefits program.
  2. Harness employee insight and perspective on issues that affect their benefits.
  3. Provide employee engagement and leadership opportunities.
  4. Foster diversity, communication, and inclusion within the organization.
  5. Boost employee satisfaction and organizational performance.

We have two representatives whose terms have ended and one who is moving to a new team. We want to express our deep appreciation to Andrea Allbery, Scott Briggs, and Linda Rowling for their service and representation. Andrea, Scott, and Linda thank you for your dedication and contributions, you have served well. Recruitment is underway to fill the vacancies. We appreciate all our team reps and the opportunity to connect and bring the voice of the employee to our decisions. Just one way we develop a culture that supports the HeartWork we do.

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