Career Path Services Snohomish Team

In June of 2022, Career Path Services was awarded the Snohomish County WIOA Title I Adult/ Dislocated Worker grants. This is the first time Career Path has served Snohomish County, and we are excited to introduce a brand-new Career Path Services team!

The Transition Team has also been a critical source of support during this startup. For this introduction, we asked each staff team member to choose one CPS value and what it means to them.

Heidi Schauble – Program Operator:

Integrity: As a leader, integrity guides how I interact with staff, stakeholders, and the community. It means I commit to doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. And to align my actions with my values even when there are personal risks. It means that I advocate for our customers and staff and confront hard conversations head-on. One of the reasons I applied with CPS is because I could tell we “walk the walk” and consistently receive, respond, and value feedback from staff and customers.

Jodi Mackie – Transition Team/ Lead Employment Specialist:

Integrity: Integrity is important to me, and I also value this in others. Integrity to me encompasses expressing gratitude for others, being honest and open, taking responsibility and accountability for your actions – good or bad, respecting yourself and others no matter where or what you are doing, and demonstrating reliability and trustworthiness. Career Path Services upholds this standard of integrity with its staff, showing transparency and commitment to its employees.

Stephanie Shaw – Program & Compliance Specialist:

Generosity: We are entering a season often associated with generosity, but it is an important virtue year round. Wealth is unbalanced in this world, whether that’s a wealth of finances, a wealth of time, a wealth of joy, a wealth of ease and privilege; most of us have more than some and less than others. Empathy motivates me to be generous with my wealth. Feeling like you need something you don’t have the means to provide yourself with is scary. If I can meet those needs for someone else – to ease their fears and increase their safety and comfort – then I’ll do it. The positive impact I can make on their lives and mine is far greater than any loss I might experience. After all, one of the key factors in developing true wealth is being generous with what you have.

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