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Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

This book is not a typical work-related book, but it is a great read and some of the ideas in it are amazing. I recommend considering incorporation of the themes in this book into our work and personal lives.


Jen was inspired to run her first half-marathon after reading Born to Run.

The book was selected by Amazon for “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime” and Forbes and the Washington Post called it a “Best Book of the Year” – how can you beat that?

Even if you aren’t an athlete, Born to Run is an enthralling story about having passion for seemingly unbelievable accomplishments.  Within the adventure, I enjoyed how the author talks about being happy; being a happy person, a good person, and a person who gives to others can make us better athletes.  The spirit of giving is thematic throughout the book.

To others I have I have told about the book, those who read it came back saying it was fabulous and gave them “perma-grin”.

Jennifer Ranney

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