Career Path Services – Benton Franklin Team

Meet the Career Path Services team (Pictures on page 3) in Benton-Franklin!

The Career Path Services team in the Tri-Cities has served job seekers and businesses at WorkSource Columbia Basin since 2003 and TC Futures since 2019.

For this introduction, we asked each staff to choose a CPS value and write a statement about what it means to them.

Jose Delgado, WorkSource Columbia Basin Practitioner – Courage

Courage is having the ability to push forward despite all the things that life throws at you. Personally speaking, the way you tackle these obstacles is what really shapes you, which is why being open to new ideas and life experiences should be included in that definition. Having the courage to let yourself be vulnerable and learn is what drives me.

Rubid Portillo Servin, WorkSource Columbia Basin Practitioner – Generosity

Picasso said, “the meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” There are many forms someone can give, and one of them is by being generous. It doesn’t take much of your day to be generous to someone, and an act of kindness can make an impact on someone’s life. For me being generous means even though you are having a bad day, you smile at someone, you say thank you, and please, you wish someone a happy day. Being generous is putting your needs for one second to the side to help someone in need at the moment.

Jasmine Sanchez, WorkSource Columbia Basin Practitioner – Visionary

Being a visionary means thinking outside the box and being open to new ideas where you move past the ” This is the way we’ve always done it” mindset.

Chante Lucas, WorkSource Columbia Basin Practitioner – Generosity

The habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return. True kindness is a gift that everyone can afford to give.

Lisandra Valencia WorkSource Columbia Basin Lead Practitioner – Courage

The ability to face things that frighten us to get out of our comfort zone.

Marco Roman, WorkSource Columbia Basin Guest Resource Specialist- Generosity

Generosity is a product of gratitude that drives us to serve and help those in need. It is an act of demonstrating our ability to show compassion and knowing that even a small gesture goes a long way.

Brenda Montes, WorkSource Columbia Basin Guest Resource Specialist- Generosity

Generosity is one of the most important values Career Path Services has. To me, it means that we treat people the way we would want our family and loved ones to be treated. Being generous is free and easy to do but can make a world of a difference to someone’s day and life.

Patty Guerrero WorkSource Columbia Basin Guest Resources Specialist- Generosity

Generosity is the success of the customer and business. We serve them with all our abilities and integrity. It is the sum of all our efforts day in and day out.

Marla McMackin, TC Futures Lead Practitioner – Leadership

True leadership is the act of leading with a servant and humble approach. The ability to guide and lead a team through changing priorities by coming alongside one another, problem-solving, working through others by leveraging strengths, and developing opportunities. Bringing a group together to assess challenges, foster open communication and participation, and create goals and attainable action steps to achieve team success.

Zac Shileika, TC Futures Practitioner- Integrity

I think it is important to have the integrity to incorporate every value that defines us into everything we do during this great adventure. We have the ability and the responsibility to empower every customer we work with to overcome sometimes heinous barriers while empowering them to lead sustainable lives, and this simply cannot happen unless we strive to walk the talk.

Matthew Russell, TC Futures Practitioner- Integrity

Integrity to me means that I am the same person in every aspect of my life, regardless of my surroundings or situation. Being honest with other people requires the courage, to be honest with myself in order to maintain healthy boundaries in all aspects of my life. I strive for progress, not perfection; therefore, every day offers new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.

Linda Rowling, Program and Compliance Specialist WorkSource Columbia Basin and TC Futures- Integrity

To me, integrity is intent, action, and a state of mind that encompasses respect, compassion, and pride. I see this value in the people that I work with and how they are willing to go above and beyond to help our customers. I see this in the work that we do while trying to help those overcome barriers and find self-sufficiency. I see this in the people that we serve as they work towards a better life. One of the most inspirational things for me is to watch integrity bloom while someone finds pride in themselves and their accomplishments.

Amy Deist, Program Technician WorkSource Columbia Basin and TC Futures- Integrity

Integrity is the root of all values. It means that you live in harmony with your truest and most respected values; you’re honest with everyone, even in tough situations(which takes courage), and you always keep your word. If you can maintain your integrity, it creates a great foundation for all other values. It allows for honest failure, which presents opportunities for personal and professional growth. Integrity has always and will always be my number one value that I hold dear.

Heather Woodruff, Program Operator WorkSouce Columbia Basin and TC Futures- Courage

As a leader, I try to live by Ernest Hemingway’s quote, “Courage is grace under pressure.” Our team and customers require me to courageously problem solve and advocate for them every day, despite the challenges we face.

Crystal Bright, One Stop Operator WorkSource Columbia Basin- Courage

Every day I am both humbled and proud to be part of the Benton Franklin Team as I witness COURAGE in action. From walking with customers on their journey out of poverty, including the growing pains of change, to crucial conversations which keep the customer at the heart of our work with partners to navigating personal life experiences, the team lives this value with every thread of their being.

Ricardo Valdez, Program Manager Front End Services WorkSource Columbia Basin- Generosity

Our company’s decision-making process has the individuals and community as our guiding principle. When I began work, I was told the GRS motto was “We owe our very best to every Guest every day.” Today, we continue to live by these words; that’s who we are.

(Top Row) Jose Delgado, Rubid Portillo-Servin, Jasmine Sanchez, Chante Lucas.

(2nd row) Lisandra Valencia, Marco Roman, Brenda Montes, Patty Guerrero.

(3rd Row) Marla McMackin, Zac Shileika, Matthew Russell, Linda Rowling.

(4th row) Amy Deist, Heather Woodruff, Crystal Bright, and Ric Valdez

Not pictured- Maribel Torres Practitioner TC Futures and Selma Velagic Lead Practitioner WorkSource Columbia Basin

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