At the End – It Does Matter

career pathsAt the end of everything we do at Career Path Services, there is a person, someone working towards a better life that just needs someone to extend a hand at the right time. Kelli Eller, our Eastern Washington Commerce Program Manager, took the time to put together a collection of statements from these customers during and after services.

“My experience with Career Path was amazing. The coach I had was very helpful and informative. He gave me all the support I needed to get me into childcare. I asked for a career or job that didn’t take away all my time with my son and without hesitation we started the process of finding work for me. I have now been here over a year and absolutely love my job. I wouldn’t have made it here without the help and support of Career Paths and their amazing staff.”

Brenda H.


Career Path gave me the jump start that I needed. I had been out of the work force for almost 7 years trying to put my life back together I turned to DSHS. The first step was to put me into work first for 6 months and all I had to do was act like I was putting in 20 hours a week looking for a job. I had nothing to hold me accountable, so I neared my 6-month mark and still no job. My husband had told me about Career Path and how they help you find a job within a week. I was so excited.

Paul VanDriel was my coach and he made it easy because he was down to earth and very personable. I already knew what job setting I wanted and with luck one of their programs was what I wanted –      Child Care.

Paul proceeded to tell me what the requirements were – 30 hours STARS training, CPR, first aid, background check, all I could think of was the cost of all of this, I felt it was all slipping through my fingertips.

Paul called Suga’s Place C.E.C. right there with me sitting right there with him. They set up an interview and working interview within 3 days. Because of Career Path Services and the funding that is provided I was able to take all the classes I needed to obtain the position in childcare and to finally have a full- time job.

Paul not only did his job but he did more. He made me feel like he was my friend. I started feeling a lot of doubt and he talked me through it. He would even call to check on me.

Here I sit 4 years later and still have the job at Suga’s Place, and every time Paul brings a new participant to Suga’s Place he remembers me. I knew from my first interview that the daycare was going to be a good fit.

I have a hard time not telling people my life story and yes, I did the first day to Bette the Assistant Director. Bette was the first person I met when I walked in the door and she had a very warm aurora about her that reminded of what my mom would have been like if she hadn’t been taken from me. Still to this day our bond has grown and yes, she is like a mom to me.

Nicole Webster created Suga’s Place almost 20 years ago, I look up to Nicole because of life experiences she has shared with me and to see all that she has accomplished. Every day I feel grateful that I get to stand along side her as she continues to step forward with her business.

Suga’s Place is a good fit for me personally because it feels like family. If you show them, you really want to be there and really want to work they will bend over backwards for you and stand by your side regardless of the circumstances.

I have been there for 4 years now and yes, in time I want to further my education so I am not always working under someone. I know that no matter where I go in life I will always keep my relationship with Bette and Nicole. Career Path works if you work.

Brook G.


I am a single mother of two young boys and Career Paths helped my family tremendously. They helped me to decide on an occupation that I would be successful in. They helped me with my resume and the entire interview process. Their amazing support during a difficult time made a huge difference in mine and my sons lives.

Janine H.


I am thankful for Career Path because they helped me get a good long term job after being a stay at home mom for many years.



The Career Jump Program has benefited me in many ways. The most prevalent being that it helped me gain experience in my chosen field and obtain a job which I love and have held for four years. Career Jump gave me the tools and opportunity to obtain a meaningful position for which I am truly grateful.

Sharon V.


The last words come from Bette Fletcher, Assistant Director of Suga’s Place:

We have been working with Career Path Services for the last 5 years. It has been a very rewarding partnership. The jump start program is a fantastic program especially for small businesses like ours. For Career Path Jump Start program to pay for the things that participants need to fulfill the requirements to be able to work in childcare makes a big difference to the people trying to get into childcare especially. The mentoring the participants receive makes it easy for them to succeed.  I appreciate everything this program offers, without it many people would not be able to get a rewarding job.

We have hired quite a few people through the Career Jump program and they are still with us. Working with the people at Career Paths has been a great experience. They know what we are looking for in an employee and we have had great success working with them.



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