April 2013 Spotlight – King County

This month we’re featuring our employees from the King County area! Program Manager Ene-Liis Arrowsmith took the time to answer some amazing facts about the King County team:

1) Briefly describe the team you manage (or are a part of) in three sentences or less.

The KC team is made up of diverse, independent, and creative thinkers. Separated by geography into 6 offices this group finds ways to collaborate with one another and innovate best practices to help parents gain employment and support their families.

(2) Please tell us in 3 sentences or less about the communities and people you serve.

King County serves participants from over 100 different language groups. We serve cultures as diverse as Burmese, East African, Eastern European, Latino, and Pacific Islander, to name but a few. Our staff work with employers and participants to navigate cultural and employment barriers to provide the best fit for all parties involved.

(3) Can you share with us two amazing facts about your team that no one else might yet know?

I think the KC team is amazing. Staff are lucky if they see one another face-to-face once a week, yet still manage to really share ideas and work as a cohesive team to fill employer and host site and client needs and provide coverage for one another.

Thanks for the great update Ene-Liis. ¬†Look for next month’s spotlight to focus on Career Path Services’ Make-A-Difference Day!

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