Appreciation to Outgoing Board Members

Posted on by Reina

The staff of Career Path Services wishes to extend our appreciation to Russ Burtner and Ted Lane for their contributions to our Board of Directors. Even as their terms end, their mark on the organization will carry far into the future.

Russ Burtner joined the board in 2012, representing Benton and Franklin Counties. Russ brought his years of experience as an administrator as well as vast experience working on non-profit boards. During his tenure with our board, he guided us through the implementation of term limits, executive salary surveys, and served as board chair.

Ted Lane joined the board in 2016, representing Spokane County. Ted brought his experience in risk management, finance, and leadership. During his tenure, he led the transition of leadership when George Iranon retired and Cami Eakins was brought on as the new CEO.

We wish them both all the best and thank them for their service in helping us further our purpose: “Breaking the spirit of poverty, through the dignity of work.”

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