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A FREE, online job readiness training for everyone, everywhere! 

Career Path Services instructors will teach the necessary fundamentals of the job-seeking process:

  • Crafting a strong résumé to get the interview
  • Enhancing interview skills to get the job
  • Maintaining professionalism throughout your employment experience

Your dream job is out there, let us help you obtain it!

Upcoming Training Sessions

  • July 7-24, 2020
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Class Schedule

No Class 10:00 am-12:00pm 10:00 am-12:00pm 10:00 am-12:00pm 10:00 am-12:00pm

Online classes are conducted via Zoom.  Enrolled participants will receive the Zoom link before the start of each training session.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more or enroll in our Work$ Ready program, contact our instructors using the email link below: 

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