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What’s Up At Career Path Services: COM Version

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What have our teams in the commerce division been up to lately? Read on and find out: Show Me The Money! Here are just a handful of awesome jobs obtained by our COM customers last month: Speech Pathologist Therapist, $20.68 … Continue reading

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Tech Tips – November 2015

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As a rule, we’ve been able to miniaturize our technological devices as we find a way to cram more components onto integrated circuits. ¬†From the 30 ton, 1800 square foot ENIAC of 1946, to the 4.5 ounce iPhone 6 of … Continue reading

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Ring The Bell – November 2015

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Community Partner This month, our community partner ring the bell winner is Ben Case, President of Columbia and Pioneer Title Company. Carya Bair from our Benton Franklin WIOA team nominated Ben and had these great things to say about him: … Continue reading

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